What’s All This Fuss About the Organic Dipping Powder?


Going to the nail salon regularly isn’t something new. But for most of us, it’s such a hassle! You go to the nail salon to have your nails manicured and pedicured. And as soon as you leave the salon and pick-up your spare change for parking fees, you’ve broken your manicure. It’s just so frustrating to go through this routine every few or so weeks to keep your nails fresh! So in the past year, we’ve definitely noticed the rise in customers opting for a more long-term, durable pampering methods. And that leads you to 2 of the most popular options–gel polish or dipping powder nails.

The Dish: Gel polish vs. Dipping powder

There really isn’t that much difference between the two since they’re from the same family of polish mixes. The acrylics, whose differences lie only in the form they come in and the technique used to process them. It can also depend on how the client wants their nails to look. The nail technician can decide on the best method to go about achieving the client’s ideal look.

There’s no denying that both can achieve equally great quality nails. But when you’re dealing with the safety of your cuticles, your girls at Five Star believe dip-powder is better! It’s a safer variant for the nail tech to use rather than the pungent-smelling regular acrylics. It’s also organic and will do zero damage to your skin. Dip-powder nails process much faster than regular gel polish which makes less hass

From Powder to Polish: How dipping powder works

The process of putting on dipping powder acrylics is pretty simple! Your nail technician will dip in the powder after applying the base coat. Don’t worry about how rough the surface is gonna turn out to be because all that’s taken care of in the next step! To achieve that uber glossy finish, it’s smoothened out by a sealant. You can choose to go with the classic plain color that you’ve achieved or bedazzle your luscious paws with art! You can breeze out of the salon with fully-processed dry nails, with no worries of it chipping or moving around whatsoever!

Going through this entire process can be a little hazardous to your nails if proper care and hygiene aren’t practiced by both the client and the nail tech. Here at Five Star, we promise not only top-notch styling and service, but also the safest and gentlest care for your precious nails.

For more information about Five Star Nails and Spa, you can visit its website or you can call them at 318-797-4884. For walk-in clients, you can visit them at 7511 Youree Drive, Shreveport, Louisiana 71105.

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