Discover The 10 Health Benefits of a Spa 2019


1. Detox

The detoxification you perform in Health Benefits of a Spa not only removes the body of toxins and stress , but also helps clear the mind. It allows you to revitalize yourself by cleaning your system, eliminating bad toxins and regenerating the blood that enters your body, specifically directed to the liver, kidneys, lungs and skin. If you combine it with daily exercise, nutritious foods and detox fruit juices, a few days at the spa can have unparalleled effects on your mind and body.

2. De-stress

Relieving stress is a fundamental objective when planning your vacation or trip to a hotel with a spa . You will never lack relaxing treatments and activities. From therapeutic massages, tourist routes to soak up the cultural and natural environment, to holistic activities such as yoga, pilates or Tai Chi . Full body massages or hydrotherapy are particularly effective in eliminating muscle tension.

Completing it as we have said, with daily walks, swimming in our pool, or   doing rural tourism with your pets , are other fabulous ways to disconnect.

3. Antiaging treatments

Many medical spas include specialized treatments for skin treatment . From facials, peels, exfoliations, as well as treating acne, clogged pores or wrinkles. The therapists can provide you with consultations and routines so that you can maintain your well-being well beyond the end of your vacation.

4. Sleep well

Improving sleep should be a goal when going to a hotel with a spa. Beyond therapeutic massagesacupuncturereiki or reflexology, finding yourself in a natural environment is a must .

5. Let yourself be spoiled

One of the most attractive aspects of a vacation in a hotel with spa, is the idea of being pampered by all the relaxing treatments that can offer. Massages, Turkish bath, Jacuzzi, are just some of the pampering to make you feel energetic.

6. Spa treatments against the aches and pains of aging

We all have aches and pains that make us have an unpleasant feeling every day.

A massage in the room that helps relieve pain and discomfort, resolving any knot in problem areas, is an automatic benefit for health. And for the mind! You will stop focusing your mind towards pain.

7. Improves health and physical appearance

One of the main Health Benefits of a Spa vacation is to improve your health and overall fitness . Create, in short, that which makes us click to take a healthier way to return to your routine.   In many spas you can learn new ideas about health and fitness.

8. Weight loss

Whether you go to a spa specifically to lose weight or just to relax, you have the guarantee of achieving both. In some luxury medical Health Benefits of a Spa is weight loss can be achieved by following a combination of fitness activities and healthy diet plans.

These may include: physical exams, medical supplies, private nutrition consultation where you will have a personalized exercise program to help you achieve your weight loss goals .

9. Water: ying and yang

When your body is submerged in the water , you offer a true balance. It releases serotonin and improves the “feel good” factors. In our spa we decided to offer you to enjoy it all year round, with our heated pool and outdoor pool

10. A spa reduces stress

More and more Health Benefits of a Spa`s are focused on solving problems related to stress, which have been increasing in recent years. Through the use of prevention techniques, focusing on anti-stress treatments , and combining them with an exercise and nutrition regime, a spa aims to prevent people from returning to unhealthy routines.


There are probably more than 10. However, it is a good number to convince you to put it in your plans. In addition, there are also many beneficial effects for health . Not only in the time you spend taking care of yourself, but when you change to healthier habits , there are many economic Health Benefits of a Spa . Peace, harmony, relaxation, balance … All this leads to feeling good.

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