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Daily hygiene not only means maintaining a good physical appearance but also do not affect the health of people. The clean nails are a very important area in the cleanliness because when forming part of the hands they could become a vehicle of microbes and bacteria.

Those that are long and full of dirt are more likely to harbor staphylococci and normal flora of the skin. That when they reach the intestines can cause severe infections in the body.

Therefore it is important to plan and comply with a daily routine of cleanliness that is integrated into the needs of each person. But above all, protect from any type of conditions.


Preferably the habit of cleaning can be done in the morning hours. Time in which it is generally used to bathe, shave, comb and apply a moisturizing cream.

The routine should begin by rubbing them lightly in the warm water. As a massage, with a soft bristle brush or in turn with a toothbrush that is already in use.

After bath, you should remove the dirt with a small piece of cotton wrapped in a toothpick keeping high care to avoid accidents.

Valid advice in case they are full of grease and dirt is to soak them first in hot water mixed with shampoo. And with a swab soaked in hydrogen peroxide clean the stubborn stains. This technique can also whiten them.


Taking advantage of the fact that the clean nails are soft after the bath. They can be cut easily and without cracking them. Or even give them a good curve or a straight line with a file.

It is necessary to take into account that they do not grow uniformly so they need to be fixed permanently. And since the cuticles are also softened by contact with water, you have to take advantage of them to push them backward. This will help to have a better appearance on the hands.

To give them a special finish they should be filed in only one direction and with a moistened sponge they should be rubbed and rinsed to finally apply a little moisturizer on them. (CM)

Consenting at your feet into to clean nails

Generally, the toenails are not exposed as much as the nails of the hands. But they get soiled by the stockings and shoes that are used daily. That is why washing your limbs daily with soap and water and drying them thoroughly will not only guarantee your beauty but also your health.

In the feet, you have to keep them short and like those of the hands, they require brushing to remove the dirt and the dead skin that accumulates around them

To remove dirt, it is best to carry out the same procedure as in the hands using a brush and cotton.

Tips To Take Care of Your Health

You Must Remember to wash your hands with soap and water before and after:

Tips to Attention and beauty

To have white or clean nails, dip them in a container with oxygenated water for 5 minutes and massage gently with a thick bristle brush.

Avoid cutting them with scissors because they flake. It is best to do it with a nail clipper and then soften the edges with a cardboard file.

Avoid metal files because they are very abrasive.

If they flake, try dipping them every night in olive oil.


Apply a nail strengthener to give them a cleaner look and a better finish.

The nails are visible indicators of possible mineral or vitamin deficiency states.

It is recommended to do a manicure and whiten fingernails at least once a month, this way you will look beautiful and have healthy and clean nails.

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