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Over a decade, we are proud to be known as Shreveport most premier full service nail salon.

Five Star Nails and Spa  offers complete nail care plus aesthetic services such as manicure and PEDICURE, DIPPING POWER, Acrylic, Shellac Gel, waxing along with everything relating eyelashes wants and needs.

We are a social gathering beauty lounge providing clients with the industry’s latest handpicked top of the line products such as OPI, Kiara Sky, DNDs, Perfect Match and many more.

For those who trusts us enough to do business with us, DESERVE nothing
less than the ABSOLUTE very best.

 We are a group of collectives whose passion is to make others happy through our art.

The luxurious nail salon was founded by Sarah Ong in 2008.  She was a young, ambitious Vietnamese nail tech with nothing more than a dream. 

Her journey began with a gamble, going all in IT with everything she got

Through dedication and devotion to learning FROM keeping up with the latest trends, products and techniques. Among peers, Sarah was soon established herself as the biggest name in the nail industry in Shreveport/Bossier area.

Her success came from catering to her clients’ feedback and helping others.  Many might see certain things as negativity, she took it as a growth hack.

“The bad is as equally important as the good.”  Sarah said.

Beside her commitment of staying loyal to her clients, Sarah also extends her knowledge and hands to all her staff.  The young entrepreneur makes it her duty is to help those working with her. 

If any of the staff members wants to expand or to open their own business, she would not hesitate to share her wisdom or resources.

             ..if you ask her, Sarah would say her past struggle is much more valuable.  And she would let you know how she messed up in a heartbeat.

A wise man once told me: if you CAN help enough people to GET what they WANT, you will EVENTUALLY get you want.  And I found that to be every true. This is what I learned through my years of being in business. CLIENTS is the easy part, you do them right, they WILL come back.  

If you messed up, ACKNOWLEDGE THAT, make amend, SUCK UP!!  

Do everything you can to make it right.  

Most of the time, they will eventually forgive you.

BUT.. you cannot build a business by yourself.  You can; but Lord! It would take forever.

AND I will forever live by this.

AS there is no such thing as TAKE and GIVE, it was always been GIVE AND TAKE.

You want your clients to stay loyal to you.  Stay loyal to them FIRST.  You want a successful business, take care of those who take care of you.”


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