5 Benefits of Spa Day For Friends 2019


It may be a perfect idea for a bachelorette party, but it’s also a great way to meet all your friends for a “girls only” day. As Spa Day For Friends are priceless. Come, acknowledge it. When you have come up with a good plan, who do you think about first? You remember your birthdays (and it’s not because Facebook has reminded you of it), a shoulder where you can cry from time to time and treat them as family, because they are.

Fortunately, we are living a wonderful stage in which taking care of yourself is a must . Nowadays, multiple plans can be prepared that make us satisfy the hackneyed phrase: “We should meet more often” . Well, we have the perfect opportunity to stop talking and think about doing: a spa day for friends. You have to choose the day when you think most of your best friends will be available and find dates.

We give you a hand. What your invitation should include for a spa day:

1. A spa day promotes positivity

Smile! It’s a great way to have fun and spend a nice day in company. So you are going to choose with whom to fill your energy, moving away for a time the people who steal it from us. It elevates your spirit and makes you feel positive.

2. A spa day disconnects you from reality

A spa day can give you the much needed break from the daily routine and the stress that affects your performance. You can consider it as an important key to your mental health.

3. You reconnect with your friends

This is a compelling reason. Do not you often think that you are a little disconnected from the things that happen every day? A spa day for friends is ideal to grow those friendships even more.

4. Spa days improve your body

A regular visit to a hotel with a spa is highly recommended for your body. It helps to relax your muscles and the systems that usually run large amounts of adrenaline. The body of each person needs balance to restore and revive their mental and physical well-being.

5. Customized treatments

First, find out what your friends’ tastes are . This is important so that everyone is comfortable. The idea is that you all go from one treatment to another with  total relaxation. And no, in this case we are not looking for it to be romantic, but relaxing!

Spas are not all the same. Therefore, depending on what you are looking for, you can match some ideas better than others:

It offers you the experience of a pure spa, where everyone is dressed in their bathrobes and slippers. The only reason to be there is to relax and rest.

Spa For Friends Day:

In some places they allow you to go alone for the day, with water facilities such as swimming pools, Turkish bath and sauna, also combining it with different treatments.

Valentine’s Season is always extra special when you celebrate it with people dear to your heart. And one of the best ways to celebrate that love is to give them time. Here at Five Star Nails and Spa, we’d love to be part of that special time by giving your nails an all-out love this Valentine’s with our Love Month Package 2 for only $150! And because we just want to give more love, we’re giving discounts when you visit us with your friends!


The benefits of a spa for health are innumerable. And the treatments, too. But, to conclude, let’s put some order:

It is very possible that you like thalassotherapy (and it can be very fun to chat on the steps through the different water areas).  But there is always a part that is more hedonistic. 

You may be more adventurous . For that you should look for a little more exotic (and fun) treatments. The “whipping” with some birch leaves isworth an anecdote for themselves.

Here at Five Star Nails and Spa, we just love to give you love! Book us now!

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